• Fundraising

    Hill Nurseries Ltd are supportive of many local sports and schools. They would like to give back to the community through an authentic fundraising programme.

    This is a healthy alternative to other fundraising options and is a great gift for all home gardeners.

    This is a unique opportunity to not only purchase a high quality product but 50% of the profit will go back into the community.

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  • Success

    As more and more schools, clubs and community groups complete the LIQUID GOLD fundraising programme we are beginning to hear just how successful they have been.

    We have taken the things they have done and said and complied some examples of what they did to ensure that they met their fundraising goals.

    LIQUID GOLD has always been a proven product, now it is also proving to be a successful fundraising solution.

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  • Liquid Gold

    Growing a plant is like baking a cake. It takes the right ingredients and the right measures. New Zealand soils do not have all the macro and micro nutrient needs for the plant to excel.

    LIQUID GOLD  is a blend of Macro and micro nutrients that give a range of plants the COMPLETE recipe so they can grow to their potential.

    LIQUID GOLD is a mix of refined water soluble raw ingredients. A natural nutrient filled mix that is environmentally friendly.

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  • Seedlings

    Hill Nurseries Ltd is a LARGE COMMERCIAL PRODUCER  of containerised seedlings and ALL  our plants  are grown to order for our customers.

    All our clients have a  PERSONALISED  programme for each of their needs. Hill Nurseries grow from seed, high quality plants ready for transplanting.

    Hill Nurseries are always talking to innovative growers that are growing new generation species and plants to meet an ever changing world demand.

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