Waipawa School


School/Group Waipawa School DOWNLOAD
Decile 3  
Students 139  
Project IT Equipment  
Scope One Term  
  Across Waipawa and District  
  5 sachets per student goal  
Preparation Liquid Gold presentations to parent organisers  
  Liquid Gold stand established in main street  
  School Newsletter  
  Letterbox drops  
  Christmas Gift Packs (3x sachets) packaged and offered with discount  
  Parent organiser attended all Galas and school events for promotion  
Results $2400  
Committed parent organiser contributed to campaign success.  
  Traditional school loyalties made sales in other school zones difficult.  
  Supportive local businesses increased sales through staff and customers.  
Conclusion The extraordinary support of a parent organiser and business community buy-in made this campaign successful despite a lack of wider support.